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Urban Wildlife Coalition (UWC) is a grassroots community organization based on Chicago's Northwest side. Our purpose is to educate the public about coexisting with wildlife and to advocate for the preservation of natural areas in our community.

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"There are many other issues that the alderman and community groups wish to address... the cutting down of healthy native trees, the application of herbicides contrary to proposed use, the use of numerous police resources to patrol burn sites, unsupervised volunteers and stewards who have no liability and are not government employees, the lack of notification to communities, the lack of implementation of buffer zones, and inadequate safety precautions."

Our Village

"'They seem to think this is one big laboratory said [Bunker Hill resident Deb] Domick,'... Domick believes that with the struggling economy there is no reason they should be spending money on turning forests into prairie."

Tracy Yoshide Gruen, The Bugle
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"This spring, aldermen started hearing from their constituents, among them Ald. Brian Doherty, whose 41st Ward is to the west of LaBagh Woods. He took a look and didn't like what he saw. Not just saplings but mature trees had been cut down, he said. To him it seemed someone wanted to get the job done before political winds turned again."

Ron Grossman, The Chicago Tribune
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